Monday, April 27, 2015

The Secret is Out

Eddie wanted to run and hide when his wife burst into the room. “Don’t bother taking off my dress,” she said. “Huh?” is all Eddie could muster. “I've known for over a year now. I even set up a hidden camera to record you.” She pointed to a small dot in the corner of the room. “I don’t think I own a piece of clothes you haven’t worn.”

The brief silence between outbursts was deafening. “Sorry,” Eddie said in a whisper. “No you are not,” her voice slowed and dropped an octave. “I get it. Some guys get off wearing women’s clothing. You do look good is a slip.” She put her arm around Eddie. She continued, “You know I love you no matter what you do. Right?” Eddie nodded. She took out of her pocket what looked to Eddie like a laser pointer. “Do you know what this is?” Eddie shook his head. “This is a girly light.” Eddie jumped back. “Don’t worry, honey. You are safe with me. This is the first girly light that only changes you for a short while. No permanent changes. Well, unless you flip this little switch here. Then the deed is done.” Eddie stared at his wife. His wife pointed the girly light at him and pushed the button. “Now you fill out that dress perfectly. Let’s go out and show the world.”

Eddie was reluctant at first. His fetish was always private. On the street his wife introduced Eddie as her friend, Connie, from out of town. Later, they returned home and Eddie tried on more sexy clothes. Eddie and his wife had a great time now that his secret was out in the open. Unknown to Eddie, his wife flipped the little switch. The one that make changes that can’t be undone. What? Eddie’s wife thinks he looks great as a woman.

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