Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happiness Found

Deep in the Black Forest of Germany there lived a magical creature with great powers. The only problem he could not solve was his loneliness. Great magical powers taught the creature to remain hidden for fear he would be forced to use his powers for evil, or worse, he were overpowered by a crowd and killed. But he was alone and desperately wanted a companion.

Then one day a young man was walking in the forest. He sat against a tree and wept, for the love of his life had betrayed him. The creature feeling compassion went to the young man and inquired his reason for crying. He told the creature. The creature with no name promised the young man a wish. Too distraught the young man wished for the pain to go away the only way he knew how.

His wish, his fantasy, was granted. The creature turned him into the woman he always wanted to be. A woman so beautiful men would fall hopelessly in love with one look. The creature was just such a man. The young man, now a maiden, fell as deeply in love as the creature did with him. He took the name Roxy. Not that it mattered. No one ever saw the young man again, or the young maiden for that matter. Roxy and the creature disappeared even deeper into the forest never to be seen again. But they were never alone. They were happy and in love. Together. 

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