Sunday, April 5, 2015


Aliens came to Earth and offered mankind the deal of a lifetime. The greeting of the aliens involved a swap with your guest. Lucky for humans the aliens looked a lot like us.

Like humans, the aliens enjoyed an insatiable curiosity. They wanted to experience everything. Things that seem small requires hours of intense scrutiny by an alien, even if in a human body.

Take Matilda here. She was Roger before he greeted an alien. He picked up the same curiosity as the aliens in the exchange. Now, simple pleasures, like a swing, provide a whole day of excitement. Roger couldn’t understand why he was so fascinated by the sensations of his new female body, like the air up his skirt which felt so wonderful as he gently swung on the swing.

The clothes felt great. He had so many choices as a woman, something he did not have to worry about as a man. Roger never thought of shoes before, but now he couldn't get enough. He loved walking in heels. It was hard on the calves, but the looks men sent his way turned him on.

The aliens only rented bodies. After a short time they returned to the person they exchanged their body with. When Roger’s original body approached he felt conflicted. He prepared a mental speech to convince the alien to allow him to keep his female body. Roger crossed his fingers and delivered his speech as Matilda arrived in his old body.