Monday, April 20, 2015

Who I Am

I was depressed when my family sent me to therapy. They told the doctors I was sick; all I am is transgender. The relief I felt when my therapist, Betsy, understood who I am and wanted to help me be the person I really am. The progression therapy Betsy offered sounded appealing.

Betsy is a dream; the kind of girl I want to be. Her long brown hair, slender build and soft face are all things I should have been born with. As the progression therapy began Betsy had me remove my clothes and choose an ensemble of ladies clothing. This was the easy part. She helped me pick a pretty outfit and helped me with the makeup. Then she took me by the arm and led me out of her office and into the people standing in the hall.

As the days went on it got easier for me to assume my feminine role. Now it was time to make a choice. I knew what I had to do; my only chance to be what I really am. I accepted Betsy’s offer and prepared for hormone treatment and therapy. That was six months ago. As you can see I fill out lingerie quite well now. I am ready to go home to my family as the real me, as Sonya. My family will never think I am sick again.


  1. where is this therapist? I would like to make an appointment with her.