Monday, June 1, 2015

Office Love Affair

How cool is this? thought Spencer. Swapping bodies was the best idea his employer had. Choosing who you wanted to swap with was even better. Spencer immediately looked toward Willow. Willow smiled and Spencer knew he would spend the next week in her body.

Productivity did go up by a substantial amount. Spencer knew why. It felt so good to be someone else for a change. Spencer got to know Willow better than ever before. He was now willing to ask her on a date. As soon as they swapped back next week he was asking her out. Until then he had use of her body and use it he did.

Spencer was stunned when it was time to swap back. Willow asked to stay as they were. Spencer was speechless until Willow popped the question. She wanted to date Spencer but with the bodies they were in. She wanted to be the man. Spencer said, “Yes” so fast Willow wasn’t even done asking before he answered.

Spencer and Willow are still dating. Spencer loves looking at his new body in underwear, as you can see here. They live together and are planning a wedding. And surprise! They are expecting. Who could have known two lonely people could find such love in each other’s arms as each other. The modern world certainly is awesome.

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