Saturday, June 13, 2015

Love Song

Mike is the lead singer of a rock band. The long hours of practice and late nights of drugs, sex and music started to take their toll as the years went by. Everybody wanted a piece of him. He had no me-time to unwind and it was harming his health and mental well being.

People were always offering Mike a new drug to make him feel better. It never worked anymore. He felt wasted, empty and felt worse each time he tried a new remedy or feel-good drug. The pain grew so great Mike toyed with taking his own life. If he had the courage he would have done it.

The groupies that followed Mike no longer thrilled him. One woman managed to get through the crowd and into his hotel suite. She was demure and beautiful. What the hell, he thought. The sex could be great. But then she said she wanted to talk instead. Mike never had a groupie say that. They always wanted a piece of him, to have his baby, to spend the night, well, you know.

She told Mike she could make him feel again, to experience joy again after all the years of pain. She handed him a yellow pill. Mike knew the routine. He took it and swallowed it. Nothing. Then his eyes began to fog. She handed him a medallion, the Jewel of Odan and told Mike to hold it in his left hand, close his eyes, and dream of a beautiful woman. When Mike opened his eyes he could feel pleasure again. He was alive! And a woman! Yeow!

Mike, now as Betanya, is still the lead singer of the band. He added costume and dance to his act. His passion for song returned. Betanya sang of love and life. She still had groupies, but mostly men now. A few of the old groupies stayed. They are Mike’s favorite.

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