Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bad Habits

It wasn’t the same after Abe’s wife, Wanda, put her foot down over his philandering ways. Every time Wanda turned around Abe was surfing those TG fantasy caption sites, ogling the pretty girls in the pictures. In a marriage Wanda felt the husband owed his wife respect and considerations. Looking at other women, even online, was more than Wanda could accept. And those stories. Ugh! Did Abe want to be a woman? Abe tried to explain all guys look; it doesn’t mean he’ll touch. And besides, he frequents the TG fantasy caption sites to read the stories, not because he wants to be a woman, thought that would be cool.

Wanda wasn’t buying it. The arguments escalated until Wanda took drastic action. If Abe thought it would be so cool to be a woman… She could live married to another woman, but not a straying man. She ordered TG dust and sprinkled it in Abe’s clothing. While Abe enjoyed another marathon run reading/ogling the TG fantasy caption circuit the transformation took place.

Abe was happy with the results. Transforming into Mindy was the best thing that happened to him. She enjoyed her new body and how it worked. Reading the blogs was still fun; even ogling the pretty models was awesome. But the private moment needed a different approach. With a small amount of effort Mindy found the right spot combined with the right motion.

Wanda still complains. Mindy is used to it. He is still madly in love with his wife. However, the intimate moments are a bit strange since Wanda still wants her husband. Too late for that now.

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