Friday, June 12, 2015


For: NeoRock

Late in the night of Megacity crime ran rampant. People feared the night and the smart ones were home before dark and stayed home until morning light. The daily news reported the number of bodies found each morning by police. Then rumors of fear spread among the criminal set, a rumor of a vigilante named Sonya who roamed the dead-of-night streets of Megacity.

Police refused to work the streets much after dark. Citizens barricaded themselves in their home and apartments and prayed the gangs didn’t decide to target their home. There was no help if you came under attack.

Some say it was hope that started the rumors of a superhero roaming the night streets. Once the myth of Sonya started it was hard to stop.  More and more people claimed they were saved by a woman dressed as a superhero. Crime plummeted; people started to dine out well into the evening and walk home. Even a few fleeting, fuzzy pictures of Sonya appeared in the newspapers. Skeptics claimed it was more crazy people acting like the UFO crowd.

Jack knew better. He knew Sonya was real. He wasn’t one of those saved by the mysterious woman from violent assailants. He knew because he knew Sonya personally. You see, Jack bought an old home to remodel. While remodeling Jack found a strange women’s suit/uniform in an old wooden chest in the attic. Living alone and with a fetish for women’s clothing he tried the uniform on. The outfit rippled across his body and transformed him into Sonya: superhero.

Soon Jack discovered the suit gave him more than a great female body, but special powers, super powers. He knew he had to make a difference in the city. He wore the suit every night to help the oppressed. Each morning before sunrise he returned home, took off the suit, transformed back into Jack and assumed his normal life. No one was the wiser. And Megacity was once again the safe city it once was. The legend of Sonya lived on as Jack passed the outfit on as he grew older. And, almost as if by magic, no one ever got a really good look at Sonya. She remained the mysterious savior of Megacity and the bane of all evil.

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  1. Wow awesome cap. Thanks kay.
    Sonya the spider woman.
    Or something along those lines.