Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Modesty Lessons

Jethro decided to save money at TG Incorporated by skipping the training classes after his transformation. Unfortunately, he still acted like a guy when he needed to be more lady-like. Jethro didn’t care. He got the body of his dreams and people—especially guys—always looked at him now. Sometimes they even smiled and waved. Jethro loved the attention.

Men unaware Samantha was Jethro two weeks ago asked Jethro out on dates or even made marriage proposals. Without training Samantha was a woman with the moral compass of a man. Not good. Still, Jethro went about building his new life. What TG Incorporated taught in class Samantha learned slowly in real life.

Over the next year Samantha accepted lots of offers she later regretted. At least she always had a roof over her head and a place to sleep. Soon Samantha forgot about Jethro and started acting like a normal woman. She made girlfriends that helped her adjust.

After so many mistakes Samantha was ready to give up on men when Art entered her life. If he were not a friend’s brother she would have certainly passed, but Samantha felt safe with Art. The relationship was a whirlwind romance growing leaps and bounds every day. Soon there was talk of marriage and children. And then Samantha was married with two fine boys. Even taking a shortcut, Jethro turned out all right. And Samantha had a lifetime of happiness.

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