Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Take a Chance

Casinos create games to appeal to every taste to maximize profits. Gambling revenues, and hence profits, stagnated after decades of growth. The new TG slot machine had all the promise of huge profits. Casinos bid aggressively to be the sole proprietor of the TG slot machines in their establishment.

Regular customers usually sat at their usual seat, playing their usual games. But the adventurous sought out the new games because they had a better payout ratio. Casinos paid out more, even a loss, to get people hooked on their new games. The TG slot machines were the exception. The casinos knew a lot of gamblers were willing to bet their life savings for a shot at womanhood. Not the fake stuff either. A real transformation into a real woman, fully functional, pregnancy risk and all.

Nate was one of those players. Not that there wasn’t a line waiting to play the TG slot machines 24/7. The difference for Nate is that he was the first winner. The cubical was programmed to make the payoff as soon as the mark won the jackpot. Whereas Nate walked into the casino, Sophie walked out. For Nate it was a big win. A TG transformation was out of reach financially, but by taking a chance he achieved the dream of his life. As the first he was offered a contract as a model promoting the new TG slot machines. Sophie had to admit life was really good for her.

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