Monday, June 29, 2015

Birthday Girl

What do you get a man who has everything? How do you make it a surprise? Edgar’s family loved him, but it was hard sometimes. He made a fortune at an early age by building a technology company and selling it. Life from that point was narcissistic hedonism for Edgar. He explored every pleasure within eyesight. The one thing Edgar never did was betray his family or the love of his wife.

Now Edgar is an old man with lots of money, a loving wife and a boatload of unhappiness. Edgar’s wife wanted to bring the smile back to his face. She wanted to do something he would never expect, would unlikely do for himself and make him beam with delight.

After careful research, Edgar’s wife decided on nanobots. She kept showing Edgar pictures of women and asking him how attractive he thought they were. Edgar had no interest. He grudgingly answered. He had no need for a new wife and he was beginning to wonder what his wife was up to.

On the big day, Edgar’s wife invited him to a warm soak in the hot tub. She infused two packets of preprogrammed nanobots: one for her and one for him. She would transform into his ideal girl and he would be young and vital again to enjoy it.

They sank into the water, lay back and enjoyed the jets massaging away aches and pains brought on by age. Edgar felt so relaxed he dozed for a while. Edgar knew something was wrong the moment we woke. He looked over to see a young man with chiseled abs in the hot tub with him. Then he looked down and saw he was a beautiful young woman.

Edgar’s wife shrieked, “It worked the wrong way!” Edgar immediately realized what his wife did. “It’s okay, honey. I love the body. We can enjoy pleasures not possible before.” Edgar’s wife started to say she was sorry, but Edgar placed a gentle finger to her lips. “Call me Corrine from now on. And I love the body.” Edgar pulled his wife closer and kissed her deeply.

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