Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pledge Party

College is tough for initiates. All the pressure to land a fraternity leads to all kinds of challenges and humility. At Semard University, where nanobots were invented, a new challenge was forced upon three freshmen victims each year. Nanobots were programmed to switch the first male they came in contact with into a girl. Three freshmen were given the challenge to wear a dress with make-up. One of the dresses was sprinkled with nanobots. Yes, one of the initiates would need to find a sorority after the challenge.

Mark, Jesse, and Hank were chosen for the challenge this year and because they wanted into the prestigious fraternity so bad they let several women dress them up, knowing one of them would end up a woman. The women were great at make-up. You couldn’t tell any of them were guys. Now for an afternoon out on the town.

The guys had a good time pretending to be college girls. But as the afternoon wore on they were excited to get home and check if they kept their manhood or not. At home Mark walked into the bathroom and slowly lifted his dress. It was hard to tell. He ran his hand across his crotch. His heart missed a beat. He was a girl. The same scene was played out at the homes of Jesse and Hank.

The guys were given new names by the college girls: Alicia, Megan and Bess. They asked the college girls why all three of them were tuned into girls. It seems the college girls made a mistake. A miscommunication led to all three dresses being infused with nanobots. At least that is the story told to the guys. The real truth is the college girls wanted more sisters in their sorority.

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