Sunday, June 7, 2015

Good Game

Rival gangs met at the local gym to determine who would rule the streets. The gangs learned long ago killing each other wasn’t working so the gang leaders got together and devised a plan to determine who rules which parts of town. The beginning of the competitions started from this meeting of the leaders.

The favorite game was basketball. The best players from each gang squared off to determine the fate of a certain street. Each street’s fate was determined and re-determined every three month with a game. Before long the gangs consolidated their control. The games needed help to survive; the ante needed to be raised.

The gang leaders decided the next game would be personal. The loser would drink a vile of nanobots and be transformed into girls. They would then run through the snowy streets barefoot and in swimming suits.

It was the best game ever played between the gangs. Manhood on the line, the players put everything they had into winning. It was a physical game but by the buzzer a winner was decided. The losers hesitated for a moment but realized what the gangs would revert to if they refused to drink the potion. The nanobots did their job. The boys enjoyed their new bodied more than anticipated and had a great time as they ran the street barefoot and in swimming suits. When you think of it both teams won.


  1. Kay, fyi, I did a sequel to this and published it last night. alexis

  2. You are more than welcome to continue any of my stories. I've heard of some writers who get all squirrelly when someone extends their story idea. Not me. You have fun with any of the stories I published.

    Do let me know when you do this so I can check it out. Don't want to miss another's take on my worldview.