Saturday, June 20, 2015


In the near future civilization broke down. The government is gone; roving bands patrol the crumbling streets. Men were on the run from hordes of women working together to kidnap men, transform them, and put them to work earning money for the women.

Cole avoided the wild women trapping unsuspecting men. He stayed away from the cities. He built a home in the woods hidden from plain sight. If he saw another human being he ducked under cover until the risk passed. As men were slowly depopulated, the demand for the remaining men grew higher. Men were good for a source of money or as material for the brothels.

Technology advanced under this dystopian world. Civilization collapsed, but the corporations and organized groups survived, just without government oversight. A group of women near Cole’s home started using tracking technology to find the remaining men hidden in the countryside. Cole saw the band of women approach. He sunk into the underbrush.

The women walked right up to Cole’s position and pulled him out of the overgrowth. Cole couldn’t understand how they knew where he was. It didn’t matter. They took Cole back to the city and pushed him into a transformation chamber. A mist of nanobots transformed Cole into Erika.

Erika should have been scared on her first day of work as she sat on her side on the bed. It wouldn’t be long before her first customer arrived. Cole did not miss the hard life of the countryside. Erika enjoyed a comfortable existence while working for the band of women. She was not scared anymore.

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  1. Wow. I would have fought .
    But Erika looks happy.
    Great cap kay.