Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Last Hit

It was a clean getaway and Tess knew it. His life of crime when she was a man came to an end when a hit was put out on him by the syndicate. In crime families the mighty can fall quick. A few bad decisions or even plain bad luck can turn the whole organization against a man. Respect turns to loathing. Before Brian changed into Tess he saw all the warning signs. A few unlucky breaks and a bad decision made it clear he had a short life expectancy.

Leading a crime family does have advantages. A large pile of money at Brian’s disposal and doctors with cutting edge gender reassignment equipment gave Brian the best chance he had to survive. He planned his death carefully. The body destroyed in the fire was impossible to recognize, but Brian made sure it would appear as if he had made his last bad call.

By the time the syndicate discovered his assumed body he was already a woman. Where Brian died, Tess was born. Money in multiple foreign accounts allowed Tess to live any life she chose. And like Brian, she chose a very good life. To complete the disguise Tess would find a man to marry. Of course she would still call all the shots. Tess wears the pants in her marriage.

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