Sunday, May 31, 2015

Buyer's Market

Kirk and Olivia fell in the love with the home the moment they saw it. The property was in the right neighborhood and at the right price. What surprised Kirk and Olivia was how long the property was on the market. They questioned the real estate agent on what could be wrong with the property. They were assured the property had no problems to worry about. The reason it was on the market for so long was due to the myth the home possessed physic powers. Kirk and Olivia didn’t believe in such hocus-pocus so they bought the home.

Move-in was a perfect sunny day. Within a few weeks Kirk and Olivia were settled in without any indication the house had ulterior motives. Then, four weeks into ownership, strange noises one night unhinged our couple. Kirk finally had enough, jumping out of bed and turning on the light to investigate the noise. Olivia screamed before she realized the woman in her room was really Kirk. I don’t want to belabor the event, but Olivia liked Kirk as a woman; Kirk liked being a woman.

Kirk assumed the name Hollie while he was a woman. It seemed the house wanted Kirk to be a woman about half the time. Olivia and Kirk were madly in love even when Kirk was Hollie. They didn’t care what people thought when they showed affection in public.

Olivia promised Kirk she would never sell the house. They couldn’t understand why anyone would sell such a wonderful home. I bet there are a few of you out there who would love to own this property. 


  1. No.....because I'd want to be Hollie FULL-TIME. :-)

  2. Amazing. Cap kay.
    What a house.