Sunday, June 21, 2015

Block Party

On the first Saturday of every month the neighborhood gathered at someone’s home. Each household took turns hosting the gathering. Food and refreshments were potluck; entertainment was provided/chosen by the host. A tradition began where the host tried to provide the most outlandish, exotic games the neighbors could play.

David and Gilda were known for mind-blowing games. People talked about their antics all the time. This month they were the neighborhood hosts and every one couldn’t wait to see what they came up with this time.

Todd and Molly were the newbies to the neighborhood, this being their first gathering. They heard stories about the wild games played when David and Gilda hosted. At the gathering people noticed two large chambers next to the house covered in a sheet. David announced this month’s entertainment: spin the bottle.

Everyone gathered in a circle and waited for the rules. Gilda pulled the sheet revealing swapping chambers next to the house. David would start by spinning the bottle. Whoever it landed on would step into the swapping chamber with whomever the bottle stopped on when he/she spun. The swappers would keep their bodies until the following month’s gathering.

Nervous laughter went around the group. David spun the bottle. People leaned out of the way as it slowed until it stopped pointing at Todd. Todd swallowed hard knowing he would spend the next month as someone else. He wasn’t sure who he wanted to be and knew he couldn’t control the spin enough to make a difference. He spun the bottle and closed his eyes. A gasp went up as people muttered “Gilda”.

Todd opened his eyes to see Gilda grinning at him. She pointed her finger at Todd and looked over to the swapping chambers. Todd’s mouth was parched as the door closed. He heard the hum, but felt nothing else. When the door popped open he realized it was over already as he stood in front of the crowd as Gilda. He looked over to Gilda in his body. She seemed to be enjoying it. She gave Molly a huge kiss.

David stood next to his wife’s body and said, “Do I get my kiss?” Todd lost his voice. David smiled. “We can go to the bedroom and find out.”

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