Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Therapist

There once was a man who became very depressed. He could not understand why he felt so blue all the time. For no reason at all he would break down and cry. He visited his priest for answers to no avail. Then he saw his doctor who prescribed pills that did nothing at all. He talked to friends; he talked to a psychic—nothing.

Then by chance he saw an ad for a therapist specializing in men with depression. The man found the ad interesting, but it was the picture of the therapist that forced him to schedule an appointment. The therapist was a very beautiful woman with long blond hair and legs up to here. In her office the man waited anxiously to see the therapist.

Then she came out and asked the man to enter her room for the session. Before long the therapist knew exactly what the problem was. The man was unhappy because he was born in the wrong body. The therapist smiled and showed the man a swapping chamber. The man shrugged. Who would he swap with? Well, it happens the therapist has a sister also born in the wrong body. The date was set for the man and the therapist’s sister to switch bodies.

On the date of the swap the man nearly fainted when he saw the therapist’s dark haired sister enter the room. He knew that body would make him the happiest girl alive. The swap went fast without any pain. The man discovered his name is now Rayne. He was so happy now that he was a girl. The therapist’s sister in the man’s body asked Rayne out on a date. Not to be a prude Rayne accepted.

Three months later they were married. Neither was unhappy ever again. 


  1. Sweet story and happy ending!!!!! Wish it was all that easy...
    Thanks so much Kay!