Monday, June 15, 2015

Surprise Attack!

“Stop it, Marie,” Brad laughed as the tainted water hit him causing his skin to tingle.

“I’m a lesbian, Brad. I still love you, but you need to change teams.” Marie kept spraying Brad until the bottle was empty.

“It tickles.” Brad went from laughing to giggles. He didn’t notice the changes the water made at first. Then it hit him as he noticed his chest. “Wha…”

Marie answered the question on Brad’s face. “Nanobots.” She held up the water bottle and moved it back and forth with her hand. “Now we can have a life together.”

“But…” Brad was at a loss for words. He swallowed hard and finally whispered, “You could have asked me first.”

“I didn’t want to take a chance, honey. Besides, when I saw what you would look like I got so hot I couldn’t control myself.”

Brad looked his body over and decided it was acceptable. “I’ll need a new name.”

“Already taken care of. You are Sara.”

Brad nodded. “Sara? That’s a nice name. Why Sara?”

“Because a woman named Sara introduced me to love with a woman.”

“So, where do we go now?” Brad was still confused.

Marie took Sara by the hand and led her into the house and into the bedroom.

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