Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The New Jewel

The Jewel of Odan took on different shapes as time progressed. In antiquity it was always a medallion. In modern times medallions went out of favor for multiple types of jewelry. Of course, there are still plenty of medallion Jewel of Odans in circulation. But a growing number of medallions were recast as rings, necklaces and anklets.

Chris has a very kinky girlfriend. She is into everything. One day she happened upon a Jewel of Odan in ring form. Chris knew what the Jewel of Odan was, but always recognized it as a medallion. When his girlfriend gave him the gaudy ring he put it on. It was awful in Chris’s opinion, but he loved his girlfriend so much he would accommodate her.

Like a typical guy, Chris had thoughts of other girls non-stop. It’s uncontrollable for most guys. Under normal circumstances this would pose no problems. Having such thoughts while in contact with the Jewel of Odan is a one-way ticket to womanhood. Chris’s girlfriend laughed when Chris transformed.

It took a day of two before Chris adjusted to life as Tonya. It felt strange wearing his girlfriend’s cloths; not that it was the first time. It was more strange they fit so well. Tonya understood her girlfriend made a one-way decision for him. There would be no going back. Chris was okay with that. The toughest part, though, was adjusting to life between the sheets with his girlfriend. Wild!

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