Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Opportunity Knocks

Do you know what the best thing about the modeling agency, according to Blaze? Bet you can’t guess. You probably think it’s the money or the fame, don’t you? It isn’t. Blaze visited the modeling agency and accepted their term s of employment (gender reassignment). So you probably think the best thing is living as a hot, sexy girl, but you’d be wrong. The best thing according to Blaze is that his weight now allows him to lay on tables and furniture without them collapsing. It’s little things like that that make living as a girl worth living.

Blaze never wanted to be a girl growing up. Economic conditions and a sports injury made it impossible for Blaze to find work. He considered the modeling agency, but he knew they only hired women and he was not sure he wanted his anatomy reassigned. But things got so desperate he was willing to try anything. The modeling agency paid for the reassignment and gave Blaze new identity papers. Instantly he loved life as Gail.

During her first photo shoot Gail was asked to pose on tables and furniture. She loved the feeling so much she sometimes spent hour up in the air on counters. Gail felt blessed. She lived in a place and time where she could be anything she wanted. A year ago she would never have believed where she is now. It certainly was easy getting used to. And Gail owes it all to the modeling agency.

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