Thursday, June 4, 2015

Earning a Reward

Before we start today’s caption I want to share something I do to make extra money. I love buying books from Amazon and clothes, you know, Something Pretty to Wear. Well, money is always tight around here; I’m sure you know what I mean. So, what I did a few years ago was join Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a program where you get paid for a lot of different activities. For example, when I went on vacation I used through Swagbucks and received 6% back in Swagbucks which converts into just over 6% back in Amazon gift cards. You can also take cash into your Paypal account. You get paid for internet search, taking a daily poll and much more.

I contacted Swagbucks and asked for a deal for my readers. People normally get 30 Swagbucks  for signing up. For the month of June (and longer if I can talk them into it) you will receive an additional 70 Swagbucks just for signing up. It’s not going to change the world but it is like getting paid $1 for signing up. To get the 70 Swagbucks bonus, use the case sensitive code: TGCap when signing up. You must join Swagbucks though this link to get the bonus.

Now on to the show. (I know. A shameless Swagbucks caption. What can I say?)


Axel needed extra cash to pay for the clothes he wanted from Amazon. He joined Swagbucks and used the Amazon gift cards he earned to refurbish his closet. He bought a few TG books along the way, too. It didn’t take long to earn the points he needed. Using coupons from Swagbucks when grocery shopping really added up the points fast for Axel.  He used Swagbucks for things he would do anyway and got money back. How sweet is that?

He ordered a beautiful negligee. As soon as it arrived he found his favorite wig. Axel put on the wig, makeup and the negligee. He admired his look in the mirror. He so longed to be the girl of his dreams: Nancy. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

But it was meant to be. You see, if Axel would have read the note included in the package he would have known he bought the nanobot negligee. Axel noticed the subtle changes as he looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled at first thinking it was in his mind. Then he realized it was real. By the time he accepted what was happening Axel really was Nancy. In the end things always work for those who believe.

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