Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sister's Best Friend

As I felt the potion begin to transform me I knew my sister was involved. The soda tasted off so I only had one small sip, but that was all it took. Within minutes every male part of me was gone and I had all the right girl bumps and curves. After the transformation was complete the clothes I was wearing did not fit. I knew my way around my sister, Angel’s, closet; I tried on her dresses a time or three.

As I finished changing Angel rushed her room. “Got you brother! Thought I didn't know you were wearing my clothes. Well, I did. You want to wear girl clothes you have to be a girl and now you are. FOREVER!”  I wanted to call her the “c” word but it really applied to me. I did deserve what I got and I always wanted to be a girl. I hung my head instead of arguing.

I stood there in Angel’s purple dress as she inched toward me. I started to back up until I was against the wall and had nowhere to go. I raised my arms. “I always wanted a sister named Alice,” she said. “And now I have one.” The words were so soft and quiet I closed my eyes. I could feel Angel lean closer until her lips met mine. I would complain, but Angel always knew what was best for me.

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