Friday, May 1, 2015

Wife's Best Friend

The witch tricked Benton. Okay, he deserved to be tricked. Yes, Benton knew he was a low-life for what he did. But it happened only one time. He only slipped once in all his years of marriage. It wasn't like he loved her, he only fucked her. It meant nothing. Okay, okay! Benton gets it. He slipped with his wife’s best friend and then denied the whole thing until his wife brought in a witch to ferret out the truth.

The witch made it clear to Benton if he lied he would be turned into a woman for life. Benton didn't believe in such hocus pocus. You can’t change a dude into a woman with a spell. What is this: the Dark Ages? Benton had to own the lie to save his hide. So he did, and paid the price.

Now Benton looks in the mirror and takes another selfie. His wife is gone, his name is now Sophie, and he has to learn how his new body works. Considering how beautiful he is he has nothing to complain about. He likes the name Sophie; an attractive name. He is glad he owned that lie. Life as a woman offers many possibilities not available when he was a man.

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