Friday, May 29, 2015

Paying the Bill

Bill had a hard decision to make. His unemployment ran out, the cupboards were empty and the rent was due. The TG modeling agency advertised a special offer Bill struggled with. He wanted the job, but it required a few modifications.

Bill thought it would be cool to be a girl. The only problem is that the modeling agency wanted Bill to be a full girl, a permanent girl, a no going back girl. The job paid well so Bill sat with the career planner at the agency. She offered Bill a trial run. They would transform Bill into Irina for a photo shoot. If he liked it, he could accept the permanent adjustments and have the job.

Here we see Bill on his first day as Irina. She is a natural in the photo shoot; the modeling agency was so excited for Bill to accept the job. The decision was no longer difficult. He accepted the job and all the requirements. It was a 5-year contract. By that time Bill will have enough saved to retire. And as for living the rest of his life as Irina? He was okay with that. His social life was a million times better as Irina; he even has a boyfriend. No more worrying about the rent or a place to stay.

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