Monday, May 4, 2015

Thank God for TG Incorporated

Springtime. The time of year when young hearts, and those young at heart, think of warm weather and skimpy bikinis. But for too many it is all a dream that will never come true. Many guys love watching women strut their stuff in colorful swimwear. But there are a significant number of guys that want to be the one wearing the bikini and make it look good.

Let me introduce you to TG Incorporated, a company devoted to helping males get their dream of living as females come true. That’s right. TG Incorporated’s new patented technology allows your dreams to come true all at an affordable price. Step into the girly light chamber and walk out a beautiful woman in less than an hour. Financing available with low monthly payments.

Eric was the first customer to visit the local TG Incorporated store when it opened. He opted for the easy payment financing plan. He tripped as he raced to the girly light chamber and pulled the door shut behind him. The technician smiled at Eric’s enthusiasm and flipped the switch. Several girly lights swirled around the chamber taking a piece of Eric’s manhood with each pass. It seemed to take forever for Eric. He trotted to the mirror when the girly lights stopped and the door latch popped open. He loved what he saw.

Eric brought a bag with the bikini and to hold his old clothes. He looked fantastic. “Sandy,” Eric smiled at the technician. “My name is Sandy. I’d like my identifications papers to read Sandy.” Eric was so giddy he stumbled over the words. All Eric could think was, “Thank god for TG Incorporated.”


  1. WISH this kind of place TRULY existed.....I'd sign up. :-)

  2. I wish a place like this existed also