Monday, May 11, 2015

Witch Way Did She Go

Marty made the mistake of treating a witch with disdain. The first lesson when speaking with a witch is to agree with her. If she asks for something, give it and leave fast. Never, I repeat, never get selfish with a witch. A witch scorned will hunt you down and change your life forever.

Marty made all the mistakes. He knew the woman was a witch. Regardless, he ignored her simple request to carry some books to her cart. The witch said nothing as she made several trips to get all her books. Marty kept walking.

The witch watched as Marty’s back disappeared around the corner. She rummaged through the books on her cart until she found the one she was looking for. She opened the book and used her thumb to page back to the spell she wanted. She narrowed her eyes as she looked in the direction Marty went. In a hoarse voice she spit the incantation.

At home Marty felt ill. He took a nap. When he woke he could not remember who he was. All he wanted to do was give books away to anyone who would take them. He kept telling people he was Angela. People had no idea who she was and avoided her. Before long Angela was known as the crazy woman handing out books in town.

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