Thursday, May 21, 2015

Freedom Through Grace

Everyone hated Logan at the office. The only reason he has a job at Air Tech Jumble is because his dad owns the place. Logan is a total jerk and bully always pushing people around, sabotaging their work, and getting people fired for things he did. Yes, everyone hated Logan. There is not even one woman working in the place anymore after Logan harassed them all into quitting.  Every guy in the place would quit on the spot if another job presented itself.

During break one day the remaining workers at Air Tech Jumble hatched an idea to put an end to Logan’s behavior. The workers pooled all their money and bought a girly light, you know, the device where the light converts anyone it touches into a girl forever. It took four months for the group to save enough money. Once the girly light was purchased, Logan was lured to a back room in the warehouse. As soon as he opened the door they hit him with the girly light. His body shrunk and contorted until he was a perfect girl. The girly light worked fast, in less than a minute.

After the transformation into Grace, Logan had a serious personality change. At first the workers treated him terrible, harassing him to tears. Soon they discovered Grace was not Logan. Grace is a gentle, kind woman willing to please. As Grace, Logan did plenty to please. He invited workers to the corporate suite one at a time. Jobs at Air Tech Jumble were highly sought after word got out that Grace was in charge of morale. 

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