Friday, May 8, 2015

The World's Best Sister

“It’s a deal,” my sister Maggie said. At last my dream is coming true. I convinced Maggie to spend a month as each other. Maggie is so popular and I am nobody. As you can see Maggie is hot. Even a brother can admit that.

I saved every dime I made and since I have no social life every dime went to the account set aside for the swapping chamber fee. The second I had enough saved to pay for the swap I told Maggie praying she would honor her promise. To my surprise she did. Before we stepped into the swapping chamber I asked her why she would swap with a nobody like her brother when she was so popular. She said she envied the quiet I have without constantly being bothered by people that want to be close to her. So she wins too, I guess.

The popularity was fun at first. The dressing in pretty clothes was really the best. Wearing a panty and bra makes me tingle. Then I began to understand what Maggie meant by the burden of popularity. Every guy in school wanted a piece of me. I put out at first hoping Maggie wouldn't get too mad I was giving her a reputation.

That was a month ago. Maggie disappeared the night before we were schedules to swap back. Now I am stuck in her body. Looks like she wanted to keep my body as much as I wanted to keep hers. She didn't have to run to accomplish that. Where ever you are Maggie, I love you, sis. And thank you for the body.

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