Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Rummage Sale Bargain

Isaac could not believe what he was seeing at the rummage sale: a real life, get your own, slip into a new life body suit. It was still in the original packaging. Who would buy a BTG body suit and not use it? And the price was unreal, only pennies. Isaac knew these things run several thousand dollars. Not to raise suspicion Isaac picked up the body suit nonchalantly and tucked it under his arm. He continued browsing other items before paying for the body suit. He acted like he thought it was a novelty item.

Once in his car Isaac raced home, locked the door, ripped off his clothes and put on the body suit. The body suit snapped tight against Isaac’s skin. The remainder of the day Isaac dressed in different outfits he liked. He looked so pretty. He went out for dinner to see how men would react to him. When people talked with him he introduced himself as Violet.

Isaac had his fun as Violet. He spent the night as a woman. In the morning he tried to take off the body suit so he could get ready for work. The body suit would not budge. After several attempts he went back to the package the body suit came in and started reading the instructional pamphlet. Isaac’s heart sank as he was reading. Clear as day inside the front cover and in bold letters: PERMANENT BODY SUIT. ONCE PUT ON YOU ARE A GIRL FOREVER. USE WITH CAUTION. Looks like Violet will be with us a while.