Saturday, May 9, 2015

Knocked Off Her Feet

Tony was getting ready for a night out on the town when the swarm of micro vortexes hit. Because of their small size and speed scientists did not provide a warning. Nobody was intentionally in a shielded shelter. As you know, vortexes are bubbles of space floating around the universe with special properties. Vortexes have no effect on females, but any male lucky enough to be in a vortex’s path is instantly transformed into a female by the null space inside the vortex. It happens so fast the victims feel it is instantaneous: one second they are a man, the next a woman.

The micro vortexes were different from anything seen before. Every vortex in the past transformed their victims on the spot. The victim frequently did not know they were transformed until they looked down. These micro vortexes knocked their victims unconscious. This is where Tony comes in. He had plans for a fun evening out with friends from work when a vortex smashed him. He was knocked back on the bed, out cold. This vortex also gave Tony a bonus: a hot outfit and already with perfect makeup.

It was not long before Tony came to. He knew what happened the second he opened his eyes. At first he was mad the vortex ruined his plan for the evening. Then a huge grin grew on his face as he looked at himself in the mirror. He will go out tonight with his co-workers. They will not know who he is so he will introduce himself as Pam and mess with everyone before he tells them what happens. Gawd, what fun!

It worked better than Tony expected. As Pam he had every guy from work drooling before he told them about the vortex. The guys kept drooling. Tony took it all in. He thought for a moment and then accepted the offer to spend the night with Cory, his best friend at work. Tony is so happy as Pam.

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