Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Job Promotion

Sal worked hard for TG Incorporated. He wanted a promotion so bad he could taste it. The problem with working for TG Incorporated is men hit a glass ceiling quickly. The company denies any discrimination, but no men are officers of the company. Sal knew the glass ceiling was there and if he wanted to rise in the ranks of the company he would need a transformation. As a married man with two sons it was a difficult decision.

The money was too good and he worked too hard to settle for mediocrity. After long discussions with his wife and kids, Sal was ready to make the changes necessary to advance his career. He felt it would be best if the whole family be part of the decision. Sal, with his wife and sons, visited TG Incorporated on his day off to decide on the body he would have. Once they agreed on how Sal would look they picked a name: Missy.

The transformation goes quick at TG Inc. Their patented process transforms a man into a woman within a few hours. Sal broke through the glass ceiling getting a promotion within a month. Two years later Sal was on short list to replace the retiring CEO. Sal knew he made the right decision to be a woman when his name was called. Sal posed for the photo placed on the wall with all TG Incorporated CEOs at corporate headquarters. Sal was so happy as Missy his first action as CEO was to lower the glass ceiling requiring more male employees to make the choice he did. His second decision was to give his two boys a change in life too.