Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Maggie has a story to tell no one believed at first. It started when she decided she needed time for a break from her business. The long hours started taking their toll. Did I tell you Maggie’s name was Tom back then? Sorry. But you see how weird this story is and how hard it is to tell? Well Maggie, or rather Tom, needed a break from his stressful business so he decided to take time off and hike a mountain away from work and worries.

Tom was alone on the mountain enjoying the stress-relieving fresh air and nature. The exercise felt good to a businessman who spent years locked in an office. Two weeks into his month-long journey he saw a small cloud of mist floating just above the ground. As he got closer he noticed the cloud shimmered like a cloudbank wisping in the wind. Tom though it would be cool to walk through the mini cloud. As he did he felt his skin tingle. When he walked out of the cloud he was Maggie.

Doctors thought Maggie was joking when he came in and told the story. Only later it was discovered a lab testing nanobots had leaked. The escaped nanobots formed the cloud Tom walked through. Tom takes time off from his business now more than ever. He loves the great outdoors. The cloudbank was never seen again, but scientists think it still exists and warns people to use caution when on a mountain and walking into the clouds. Several additional strange stories lend credibility to this claim.

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