Thursday, May 28, 2015

Rewards Program

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Getting the word out on a new promotion is harder than you think even when plenty of clients want the product. Take for example a large online retailer trying to grow the business by offering TG Dust in random orders. When the customer opens the box a small puff of TG Dust is thrown into the air. If the person opening the box is a male he will be a female within minutes. You would think it would drive sales through the roof.

Instead it started with a thud. Nobody paid any attention to the online retailer offer until the first round of winners were promoted. The winners never expected such a wonderful surprise. George, Otto, Earl and Jeb not only won the awesome prize, but received their order for free, too. The national news picked up the story about the brand new ladies—Brandy, Vicky, Paige and Harper—and made them famous.

The ladies now spend their days at their new job promoting the online retailer. Sales are up over 300% on the promotion. Guys around the world are placing orders praying they get a poof of TG Dust in the face when they open their package. Makes you want to place an order right now, doesn’t it? And guys are volunteering to open everyone’s mail for some reason.

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