Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dance the Night Away

The boys were surprised and a little upset. Nobody said a word about the new club in town. Nobody told them the club had a girly light dance floor. Without a thought the boys walked onto the floor looking for a date. There were only girls on the dance floor and a lot of them. Then, BAM! The girly light started and swirled around the dance floor. When the first of the guys was hit it registered where they were. They scrambled to get off the girly light dance floor. But it was too late. By the time they got to the edge they were all wearing high heels and little black dresses.

Shocked, the boys stood stunned as their picture was taken for the club scrapbook. The club assumed the boys wanted to be changed by the girly light dance floor. They turned to each other not knowing what to do next. A club employee walked up to them and handed them new identification papers. They now had new names: Bree, Uma, Natalia and Karla.

The boys were hot and catching the eyes of every guy in the place. Four guys approached and introduced themselves. “Care to dance?” they asked glancing to the dance floor. Well, the boys stepped out of their initial shock, smiled and said, “Why, of course.” They took the new guys by their hands and led them out onto the dance floor. 

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