Sunday, May 3, 2015

Antique Shop

Jack has been all smiles ever since he held the Jewel of Odan and became Molly. Around town people started asking about Jack and his whereabouts. People were concerned after he disappeared for weeks. Jack smiled behind his disguise. Jack does not exist anymore, Molly does.

A few people began connecting the dots. Molly arrived just about the same time Jack went AWOL. Jack was concerned the police might get ideas Molly did Jack in. Nothing came of it except idle talk. Molly started to blend into the community while people started to forget Jack ever lived.

Things were certainly different as a guy. Jack was a loner nobody cared about. People knew who he was and might nod and smile as they passed on the street, but they never really cared. People noticed Molly instantly. They knew her name, where she lived, and what she did all. People loved Molly. Jack loved the care, concern and attention.

As fun as it is Jack started to miss his old life. Jack took the Jewel of Odan out the case he bought from the old woman. He held the Jewel in his left hand, closed his eyes, and thought of the person he wanted to be, his old self. But nothing happened. Jack returned to the antique shop and questioned the old woman. She informed Jack the Jewel of Odan only works in one direction: once a girl, always a girl. Molly still smiles all the time so it must not be all that bad.

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  1. I'd be all smiles too if I could transform into such a lovely lady :-D
    Where can I get one of these Jewels of Odan ?!?! *dreaming*