Friday, May 15, 2015

Lottery Ticket

Cindy is one happy girl. Six weeks ago he entered a lottery for a complete package at TG Incorporated and won. Martin entered the lottery and Cindy is the happy result. TG Incorporated felt the lottery would be a great tool to market their services. People without enough money for a complete package had nothing to lose by entering the lottery. Each ticket was only a dollar.

When the winning number was announced Martin was in disbelief. He won! Without a moment’s hesitation he ran to the nearest TG Incorporated office to cash in his winning ticket. The results were fantastic. He loves his body; he loved his new name: Cindy.

Martin spends a lot of time looking at himself. He is in awe at how he looks. He is also famous. As the winner of the lottery he has received a lot of media coverage. TG Incorporated required the winner to promote the company for three years. As Cindy, Martin is more than happy to. He is easily one of the most beautiful women alive. He has a new date every night, a new body, lots of money from the TG Incorporated promotion contract, and the life he has always wanted. Look into his eyes and tell me he isn’t a winner.


  1. LOVE IT !!!!
    Now.........where do I buy one (or more ;-) ) of these lottery tickets ?

  2. Where can I buy one of those tickets or 12