Saturday, May 23, 2015

James Bonnie

A long career serving his country as a spy has taken its toll on James. Nobody knows how many times the world was near total catastrophe; how many times James saved civilization. A lifetime of injuries has left him in pain most of the day. His ability to continue saving the world is at an end.

The country never had a better spy defending her. James is the best secret agent the nation ever had. The Agency did not want to lose a man as gifted as James. With new nanobot technology it might be possible to give James another life to serve his people. James agreed to try. The aches and pains made it hard for James to concentrate. Any opportunity to start over again is something he wanted to try.

James slipped into the nanobot hot tub, found his seat and leaned his head back. The nanobots started to churn the warm water into foam. James closed his eyes and let the microscopic machines in the water do their job. If all went well James would be a new man, so to speak. He knew nanobots are a one-way street. Men always end up women when nanobots go to work. James did not care. He knew he could do more as a female secret agent than he ever did as a man.

The nanobots did a hell of a job making James young and beautiful. James was given a new identity as Bonnie. As Bonnie, James, with a whole new life to live, went to work making the world safe. Men— most bad guys are men— could not resist Bonnie. James with a lifetime of experience knew exactly how to sell his new self. Bad guys never had a chance.

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  1. A way for an agent to keep on protecting the world