Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Neither a Lender Nor a Borrower Be

Katelyn has finally learned to accept his fate. Three months ago Katelyn was Billy. Billy borrowed money from a local crime family to keep his business afloat. But the restaurant business is very competitive. The added burden of more high interest debt only made matters worse. When Billy couldn't make the payments, his investors, shall we say, wanted their money back.

Billy was afraid for his friends and family. What would the mafia do to them if he didn't find money fast? What would happen to him? Billy did not want to get beat up or killed. He was open to ideas. His lenders had a perfect solution and Billy was in no position to refuse.

Two very large men from the lending institution invited Billy for a ride. Billy was more than happy to oblige. The men took Billy to a TG Incorporated office. The lenders were willing to invest just a little bit more with Billy to prepare him for his next job. They turned Billy into Katelyn. A few days of training and Billy was put to work. Billy makes regular payments on his old debts now. In two or three years he should be debt free.  Then he can start saving for retirement.

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