Monday, May 25, 2015

Life on the Farm

Farm life was in Bob’s blood. His grandfather broke this land, his dad built it up, and Bob made it the business that it is today. Hard work made it all happen. It was satisfying to look back on a long day of accomplishment.

But farm life is dangerous. Working long hours in dangerous situations while mentally and physically exhausted puts workers at risk. Bob had too much drive to slow down. He should have checked the safety switch on the tractor a second time before working on the baler. The tractor accidentally popped into gear while Bob worked on the machine. The flywheel caught his belt and pulled him in.

The doctors performed a miracle when they saved Bob’s life. Six months of rehab and Bob was ready to get back to work. There was only one problem: the damage Bob suffered to his midsection required the doctors to make some changes to save his life. Since they needed to make changes to his midsection they felt it was proper to change his whole body.

Bob had to change his name to Rebecca when he got back to the farm. He still loves working the animals and the land. One of the farmhands, Marc, took an interest in the boss. Now Bob has a new business partner to work the land and a new husband. Good thing he didn’t check the safety switch twice. He would have lost a lot more that way.

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