Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good Game

Every bar has entertainment for the crowds. Pool tables and darts are the most popular. TG’s Nightclub opened only weeks ago, but packed in the people. After a few drinks the guys got cocky and were willing to play the dart game with special rules: the loser walked through the girly light tunnel.

Everybody called him Odd John. If you ever met the guy you’d know what it meant. Odd John could drink with the best of them and still play a perfect game of darts. He enjoyed taking guys on in a dart game, making the mark think he was too drunk to win. He had another drink while the victim had to walk the tunnel.

But every cocky bastard has his day and Odd John’s was today. Odd John’s mark made it look like he was drinking, but his drinks had no alcohol. Odd John challenged the man to a game of darts when he noticed him stumbling. After the first round Odd John knew he was in for the game of his life. At the final round Odd John lost by a mere point. Odd John was a good sport as you can see. As he walked out the girly light tunnel everyone shouted, “CONNIE!” Before long he was known as Odd Connie. Still played a good game of darts.

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