Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy Birthday, Honey

Phil had the perfect gift for his wife as her birthday approached. He saw an ad on a TG blog for a satin chemise he knew would look super hot on Terri, his wife.  When the package arrived he was so excited. He took the shimmering chemise from the box and laid it on the bed. It looked so sexy.

Visions of Terri wearing the chemise smothered Phil’s mind. How could he ever wait until her birthday to try out the chemise? He checked the house to make sure no one was home and then slipped into the silky smooth fabric. It felt so soft against his skin.

Phil found a wig in Terri’s closet and stilettos. He finished the ensemble with light makeup. He stood in front of the mirror admiring his handiwork when the chemise began to sparkle. Soon it electrified, filling with static electricity. It didn’t hurt, but it certainly tingled the right places in the right way.  When it was over, Phil looked up and saw a woman reflecting in the mirror. Just then Terri walked in. “Didn’t think I knew you wore my clothes, did you, honey?” Terri put her arm around Phil lovingly. “I like you this way. Glad I asked the wizard for the permanent switch. How about we call you Anita?”

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