Monday, January 5, 2015

A Kind of Body Swap

Kurt worked out six days a week at the gym. His dedication to building the perfect body knew no bounds. Daily workouts, protein drinks, clean eating and plenty of sleep were only the normal routine for Kurt. After a good workout he always relaxed in his hot tub. Once again Kurt purchased any product that promised more results. It showed. Kurt’s body fat was under 7 and his muscle mass was off the charts.

A new product came on the market after nanobots were made available to the public. Nanobots were the new way to sculpt the perfect body. All you did was order the body of your dreams. The company programmed the nanobots to deliver your desired body. The instructions were simple. Pour the small package of nanobots into a hot tub and settle in for a relaxing soak. In a few hours the job was done. The instructions warned that the nanobots made the water bubble furiously. It’s how they worked their magic.

Kurt was so excited when the nanobots arrived. He loved the idea that once the nanobots were in your system they would defend it forever. In other word, once you purchased the body of your dreams it could never be taken away. No further purchases were necessary.

The nanobots indeed did make the water boil as Kurt poured them in. It felt so good as he stepped in. His whole body tingled with pleasure. The hours melted away in no time. The nanobots worked their magic. When it was done he stood up he saw he had a body he didn’t order. In fact, he was a hot woman.

At first Kurt was furious. He called the company to exchange the nanobots for the ones he ordered. He was told there was a mistake. He was accidentally mailed a woman’s nanobots, a woman names Kristen and Kristen received Kurt’s. He was also reminded the process was one-way. He would spend the rest of his life as Kristen. Later as he sat on the edge of his hot tub he had to admit he really had a well-conditioned body with plenty of muscle. Now he had to find where Kristen lived so he could see himself.

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