Sunday, January 4, 2015

Special Delivery

Curt had a secret about to be revealed in a most unusual way. No one knew the fetish he kept from everyone. When his employer sent him on a business trip he took along extra clothes, girl’s clothes. Sometimes it was hard to hide the clothes from his wife so he had to discard it. Eventually it was just cheaper to rent a locker to store his special clothes and breast forms.

A surprise inheritance from a distant uncle gave Curt the added funds needed to buy a new girly wardrobe. He found a TG blog and saw an Amazon ad for women’s clothing and checked it out. He ordered new breast forms, bras, panties, blouses, slacks, dresses, wig, several dresses, pantyhose, and, of course, several satin chemises for sleep time.

No more than the new clothes arrived, Curt was sent on a three week business trip. He packed all the new clothes for a first-time wearing. He drove to his destination with ladies undergarments and a blouse and slacks that weren’t too conspicuous. The first several days he had to himself in his hotel room putting together a sales presentation. He wore only women’s clothes the whole time.

The new clothes had a special feel to them. His skin started to tingle and all facial hair stopped growing. He even thought he looked somewhat different in the mirror. He thought he was really getting into the female role.

Curt tried on a new satin chemise for the evening and went to bed. His whole body felt smooth and soft in the pajamas. It felt good. The next morning he woke to a totally new feeling. He looked down and saw his body. It looked completely female. He felt he did a great job on his makeup. Curt went to change into lounge wear and get his morning cup of coffee. Soon he will realize what really happened. The new clothes from Amazon was laced with nanobots, atom sized machines that can change the form of anything, including a guy to a gal. Curt would take the name Lana after he accepted what happened. And on a good note: Lana finished the business trip by closing the largest account in company history. The boss had no problem with Lana replacing Curt.

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