Friday, January 30, 2015


Todd didn’t ask for it. The vortex cluster hit the Earth unannounced. Twenty million men were instantly transformed into women. Todd was one of those men. He was showering when the vortex floated down from the sky, passing through his home, into his shower stall, and over his body. He closed his eyes to rinse soap from his face and when he opened his eyes he was a woman. His wife freaked out when he ran out of the bathroom stark naked.

Todd quit his job and attended college. He has to learn everything about vortexes her could and how to reverse the process. Highly motivated, Todd graduated in three years with the highest grade in the college’s history. From the list of job offers, Todd picked the job that offered the best chances of learning to reverse the vortex phenomenon.

The government required new identification cards for those affected. Todd chose the name Amber. Here we see Amber working hard to find answers. She works 16 hours a day. His wife doesn’t mind; she wants Todd back, too. What Todd refuses to admit is that after all these years he no longer wants his old life back. He likes Amber and her life. She is even seeing a guy on the side, a co-worker, without telling his wife. Don’t you love a happy ending?

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