Thursday, January 29, 2015

Role Reversal

“It’s safer than driving a car,” Stacy told her husband Hugh. “No one has ever had a problem switching back. It’s completely safe.” Hugh heard his wife and was having none of it, safe or not. Hugh has no interest in spending a month as his wife. Besides, it would be so weird to see his body walking around the house and Hugh can’t get himself to visualize his body doing the big nasty.

Stacy refused to give up so easy. After a fantastic bout of lovemaking she convinced Hugh to accept a month switched. That was six months ago. Stacy is okay with the accident; Hugh wants to be angry, but he is getting so used to living as Stacy that he can’t remember what it is like. He feels as if he were a woman his whole life.

The power outage that scrambled their chances of getting their original bodies back was a first. The company put their engineers to work solving the problem. It took two years for them to solve the problem. Too bad Hugh now agrees with Stacy, they want to keep the bodies they are in. 

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