Saturday, January 17, 2015

Light Show

Saturday night was always trouble for Raul, the nightclub owner. Filling the place to capacity was easy, but keeping the mix 50/50 male and female was near impossible. Guys would try sneaking in while every female was granted entry. Too many guys wanted in compared to females.

When the salesman offered a solution Raul jumped at it. He installed a girly light in the laser lights. At his command he could make as many girls as he wanted in his club. Raul couldn't wait for the next weekend. No more restricting who entered the club. From now on, first come, first serve.

Saturday night looked like another record crowd. The guys were happy when they learned they were allowed in without waiting. They complained when they realized how few females there were in the club. Raul flipped the switch and the problem was solved. Mark, Andy and Sam were the first hit by the girly light. When Raul noticed the male/female mix was about equal he turned off the girly light and turned on the regular laser light show. Mark, Andy and Sam had a great time as Becky, Amanda and Terri. Too bad their impression they would be turned back into guys at the end of the night was wrong.