Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jewelry: A Girl's Best Friend

Monica always dreamed of feminizing her husband. The fantasy started shortly after they met in a bar in SoHo. The light reflected off Max’s face and hair in a way that made Monica wish he was a woman. Monica enjoyed beautiful men and women. Max was so gentle and kind, more woman than man in Monica’s mind.

Then a friend introduced Monica to the Jewel of Odan. It looked like a small piece of simple jewelry to Monica. How could this jewel have magical powers? It looked like it might fall apart if dropped. But the dream was too strong. She paid the Benjamin and held the jewel in her hand. Her friend gave instructions on using the jewel properly.

Max held the Jewel of Odan in his left hand as he was told and closed his eyes. He thought of the most beautiful woman he could think of. When he opened his eyes he was that woman. Monica approved.

It was great at first, the sex and all, but Max decided to change his name to Maxine and explore the world. Now Maxine and Monica are roomies. They still share intimate moments together. They also have their own boyfriends who can’t figure out why the girls will not move in with them.

Monica took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh as Maxine planned a night out at the club. “You look so beautiful, my love,” Monica said to the picture she took before Maxine left. Max makes a better girl anyway, Monica thought. Now, how much can I sell this jewel for?

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