Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Gunslinger

In the Old West there was a woman known to those who lived long enough as May. Whenever trouble came to town May was sure to follow. Girls were far and few between in those days west of the Mississippi. And for the few brave souls to cross that river came risks and… terrors. Men were cruel to women and children, treating them more as property than as people.

When men came to town looking for some companionship, May seemed to always be there. She kept the girls safe from men with bad intentions on their mind. When the danger had passed, so was May. Like the wind she would disappear.

Some say she was a man at one time, a man that promised a witch he would protect women the rest of his days if she would save his life from a gunshot wound. It sounds impossible, but the greatest gunslinger in the Old West disappeared, never to be heard from again, the same time May arrived. She shots straight and knows how to avoid injury. Too strange to be true? Maybe. Maybe not.

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