Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anger Management Body Swap Class

Cuts to education had gone as far as they could. The only thing left to cut from the government budget was the courts, prisons and police. The state budget had to be brought back into balance and the one area out of control was the Justice Department.

The judge had no choice. Each county had to live within the budget they had. To deal with minor crimes the judge decided it was time for criminals to walk in the victim’s shoes. He instituted an anger management body swap class.

The first group would be a test to see if it would work. Criminals and victims would swap bodies for three months, attend treatment classes and live the life of their victim. By the looks of things, Isaac hasn't changed much since swapping with Lana, his ex-girlfriend he slapped around. Instead, now we have a lot of pissed-off women walking around town. Then Isaac experienced his first period. God help us now.

Three weeks later the program was shut down and a new women’s prison was built. Taxes went up; the judge lost the next election. Such is life in America, land of the free.

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